Bulk Email Verification

Why Bulk Email Databases Should Use a Rough Cut

So you’ve got a big email list laying around. At least a couple hundred thousand emails. It’s old, or perhaps its origin has not been well documented.  Or maybe you’ve seen the recent stat from Briteverify that says 7% of input emails have typos and 10 – 15% contain invalid email addresses.

No matter the case, when you’re dealing with a large email data set that contains a high percentage of un-deliverable emails, paying to remove known bad or risky emails with a top dollar cleansing service is hurting your ROI.

While nothing can beat having verified emails right before you deliver, a best practice EMM agrees with, preparing your base data record to a “maintenance ready” state means that when you do pull records for a marketing campaign you can plan on the drop rate only being the natural decay of your list and not a bunch of other compounded factors, reducing scrub costs.

Let’s use a 2.5 million record email database to illustrate the potential savings to a medium sized consumer of email verification products.

 – Live verify w popular vendor volume discounts: 2,500,000 x $5 / 1000 (.005 per email) = $12,500

 – Static + live verification of balance w Firstpass: 2,500,000 x $1000 per million = $2,500

As an added bonus, as volumes rise, the static process will complete exponentially faster as database matching is faster per record than MX queries or live mailing. With a larger set like 20 million records, it’s a no brainer.

Faster and less expensive, who doesn’t want that on their marketing team?

Now all you need to do is save $10,000 and allocate that budget towards live verifying whichever data segments you need, right before you need them and you can re-verify your entire file five times for the cost of a single live pass.

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