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We’ve Doubled Down with our B2B Email Database

We’ve Doubled Down with our B2B Email Database!

The 1st quarter tallying has been completed and we’ve had a 200% increase in our deliverable b2b email database! We did a double take and a double check, but have confirmed it’s official – our latest b2b data onboarding and hygiene methodology has netted a 2 hundred percent increase in our deliverable emails this quarter. So 2015 is off to a swimming start for our b2b data … this is great as well as a bit ironic as no one else is getting to swim in Chicago quite yet this year.

So how did we do it? We rode the momentum of our 2014 work on our b2b data, repurposed some of the hygiene process improvements used on our b2c data in recent months and turned some serious attention to vetting the quality of our business telephone data.

Here are some deets:


  • Live-send verification using 2 C-Class IP blocks of higher quality than our previous scrubbing servers, more efficiently weeding out the riff raff and netting more deliverable records
  • Continued to leverage our relationship with Impressionwise to remove potentially threatful email addresses and non-deliverable data
  • Updated records with deliverability feedback from the past 3 months of live mailings
  • Cleared or replaced foreign and invalid characters with correct formatting
  • Appended postal information on nearly 2 million records
  • Filled in missing First Name, Last Name and Title where available


  • For customers in the telemarketing game, a new scoring field has been appended to all records that will be clutch
  • The “EMM Phone Score” provides an internal phone score by original file source
  • We picked up the phone and got to work calling a random sample records from each source. The results were used to extrapolate a score that estimates the rate of calls that would receive a valid direct dial connect

So what do we actually have after the awesome increase in deliverable email records and assorted hygiene & data update goodies? A b2b database that is not too shabby if we do say so ourselves:

  • MasterFile = 83,223,903 records (Full database, includes all data quality flags)
  • Mailable file = 50,825,167 records (Includes known deliverable email records)
  • Full Business Card Valued Records = 38,858,846 records. (Business card value includes: Contact Name, Title, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Email)

Please do not fret though EMM friends and family, we are not going to become complacent as a result of our continued success with our database build and update efforts! On the contrary, we’ve only just begun to whet our appetites and are emboldened to continue to improve the breadth and quality of our data.

Please feel free to contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated B2B marketing database, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you.

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