US B2C Q2 2016 Update

EMM adds significant quality to its B2C records, re-mails entire Double Verified file, CASS Standardizes and more

After completing one of EMM’s largest ever B2B updates, the operations team here at EMM has been riding the wave of productivity to also get our B2C update completed! This update has seen a focus on not only delivering high quality net new data to our clients, but also on improving compatibility and deliverability.

Notable Highlights:

  • Remailed entire Double Verified file
  • CASS standardized all addresses
  • Completed audit of all our registration URL’s to check compliance
  • Replaced all sub optimal URL’s with alternative proof, thus increasing the quantity of our marketing safe segments

In case you missed it in our previous post, EMM has produced a “privacy” color scheme for our double verified records. This can be seen below:

OrangeArchiving not permitted, invalid site, landing page with no privacy policy
YellowInactive site, archiving permitted, privacy policy acceptable and archive link saved
GreenActive site, privacy policy addresses third parties and affiliates favorably
BlackSuppressed by rule (adult, known false, known threat)
Non USNon Us web property
REDLegacy or current privacy policy does not support third parties or affiliates
As part of this update, records with a Black or Red status were sent to a partner of ours, Bridge Marketing, for replacement registration information. If these could not be replaced, they were excluded from our Double Verified File. These changes, along with our re-mailing of the entire Double Verified File, have produced greater accuracy in deliverability and compliance as well as newer registration information!

After all these important changes were finished, the final total quantity for our Q2 MasterFile is 388,799,574, of which 136,120,275 are Double Verified.  While this may be a decrease in the amount of records, EMM feels that in this case, quality over quantity is of utmost importance and the removal of records with bad registration info will greatly help our clients and any new customers that use our Double Verified file. 

In conclusion, EMM is confident that this update will not only provide our clients with more accurate deliverability and accurate registration information, but also provide improved compatibility within their systems!

Contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated B2C marketing database, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you. [Every Market Media | 855-475-0258 |]

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