US B2B, Q2 2016 Update

EMM publishes 5.1M new contacts, re-mails entire file, CASS standardizes & more

Q2 2016 saw EMM buying, processing and preparing more US B2B email marketing data than ever before. Improvements in moving data through ingestion processes have resulted in more value being crammed into this quarter’s update than ever before!

Notable highlights:

  • Refreshed all delivery statuses with mailing results generated 4/1/16 – 5/1/16
  • Published 5,184,881 million new contacts
  • CASS standardized all addresses
  • Improved percentage direct dials
  • Reduced “unknown” Job Function categories to near zero

Hot off the presses this file is the first high volume proof of concept using 100% EMM verification and on-boarding methodology. These changes make more, higher quality data available to our Strategic Partners and List Brokers.

In summary, CASS standardization allows for better match rates to client files and within our own sets. Fresh verification statuses mean only the highest deliverability levels from our Double Verified records with more sales prospects being reachable at a direct line. With 5.1 million new published records (@43% direct dial!) cataloged on an improved Job Function table, you can be sure your client will find the data they need with EMM.

EMM’s Founder Rick Holmes had this to say about the update:

“This set illustrates our team’s ability to onboard and process tens of millions of B2B contact records. We’re already publishing more data than firms four times our size and we intend to continue to raise the bar for the quality and quantity of our outputs.”

An anonymous EMM client perhaps said it better after receiving their update file. “Holy Smokes, you’ve been busy!”

Yes, we have.

For complete information, press inquiries, samples, layouts or counts, contact EMM.

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