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The Year in Review

The EMM Year in Review

In the words of female powerhouse Rhianna, “work, work, work,” and that’s exactly what we did!

In 2017, the EMM team cracked down and got to business. There were several ups and downs but the work ethic was through the roof. Collectively we challenged ourselves and were great about minimizing any slack.

The industry as a whole experienced several changes. This year more than ever, industry consolidation took competitors off the market at better than ever acquisition multiples. Market makers divided up revenue that a few years ago only a handful of companies held and corporate data revenue streams became even more hypersensitive about disruption.

2017 was the year of “firsts” for EMM. With a lot of “firsts” comes a lot of failures; some painful and expensive. It’s either one of two things; we’re trending towards a “better” fail to first ratio, or we’re just getting used to failing… a lot. Let’s hope it’s the 1st choice.

Our first SaaS delivery tool, LeadPorte, for b2b data was launched this year and we couldn’t be more excited to see the growth and success that is about to come. It was also the first year for company data product, soon to be available online in LeadPorte

We were finally able to adapt our first real marketing budget. Crazy right? Our new marketing plan is about to be a smoother, less stressful (we hope) process. We’re pumped to say the least.

A few more of our “firsts” were:

  • First “due diligence” exploring an acquisition/merger
  • First published direct dial from LeadPorte customer feedback loop
  • First use of agile product development strategies
  • First (satisfied!) end user customers

Although we saw many similarities this year, we also saw major differences.  We couldn’t ask for a better year of growth and change because without growth, are we really succeeding?

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