The Next Step for Database Marketing: Linking Business Email to Consumer Email and how EMM is doing it right with Linkkey™

Hello again EMM readers. This week were moving on to a new and exciting subject. Linking B2B email to B2C email with EMM’s newest product, Linkkey™! (I promise it actually is exciting!)

First things first, you may be asking a couple of questions about why any organization would want to match a business email to a consumer email. Like what are some of the reasons a company would find marketing value in this process? Isn’t it perhaps a little creepy? Well, loyal reader, let’s take these questions on in order:

Why match B2B to B2C data?

The answer to this is because B2B data, which would be your work email, is less commonly used in various places around the internet. What this means is that when you are shopping, watching videos of cute cats, or leaving other digital footprints around the internet by browsing, a business executive tends to use their consumer persona and therefore be more difficult to locate in various marketing applications.

What are some of the applications where this adds marketing value?

    • The first application is in “On-boarding” offline B2B data. This allows you to use your offline B2B database to match to the online personas, which are generally consumer in nature, more efficiently.
    • The second is B2B social media display (Facebook, primarily). People rarely use their work email to sign up for social media sites. By linking a B2C email to a B2B record you will be able to target that B2B record with display ads on social networks.
    • And finally, the linking process allows you to add additional direct marketing lift to your list or database of B2B records

Why does this add marketing value?

The main value that is added is the new unique emails that match 3-4x better to online persona databases than standard B2B prospecting data. These new unique emails can be uploaded to generate more impressions or they can be used in other successful offline marketing efforts.

Isn’t it a little creepy? (Well it is nearly Halloween after all)

This is a marketing “religion” question that we here at EMM won’t get into. That is for you to decide. What we can do is return match results in hashed or naked email formats for clients who prefer not to handle personally identifiable information.

To find out more information about Linkkey™ or any of our other data products, visit us here.

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