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Stop Blaming Bad Response Rates on Marketing Email Data!

Don’t blame the Email Data for failed Marketing

When we read popular marketing data related articles while researching a key word like “buy email lists” we get frustrated when the author references email marketing horror stories and blames the low response rates solely on the shoulders of the email data list.

As a marketing email database provider we have the opportunity to see and approve hundreds of email marketing campaigns a month and we have found that the devil is in the details. Many email marketers believe that buying a list is the magic lead magnet, when meanwhile it’s only a quarter of what you need.

Here is one of the horror stories we came across: A commercial roofing company decided to run an email marketing campaign. They decided that the only criteria the data needed to fit was the job title “owner”, that’s it. Then they bought thousands of email contacts directed at “owners” and had a terrible response rate. WHY? Because owners are anyone! Who is to say that these owners even have buildings that need roofing? As an email data provider the roofer’s poor response rates have nothing to do with the data which was provided to them, but everything to do with the marketing technique.

Here are 5 tips we would give to the roofers and any other email marketing data purchaser who is blaming the marketing data for a failed marketing attempt:

  1. Have a thoughtful business process in mind
  2. Use your business process to put together a list of consumers or businesses that are a good business fit
  3. Personalize your email to make it seem as if every email has come directly from you to only that individual
  4. Use follow up emails as part of your campaign
  5. Document your marketing process to monitor which email campaigns worked better than others. Optimize future campaigns based on this data

There is no quick fix for getting leads but there is a faster fix then blaming the email data or data provider. So stop blaming the email data lists! There are still plenty of people out there using email lists doing thoughtful marketing that you probably don’t even recognize as marketing but as communication.

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PS: Mr. Roofer if you’re reading this and you do decide to re-test, you should consider starting with industries that tend to have large buildings. Maybe facility managers or property managers. Or use a postal specialty file to identify owners with big square footage then append emails and send direct mail and really work a small list with your big average sale.

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