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Spring into our Enhanced B2C Database!

Spring into our Enhanced B2C Database!

We sprung our clocks forward awhile back now, but, unfortunately, the weather in Chicago hasn’t quite gotten the message.  Though a bummer for our cabin fever and waistbands, the stubborn continuation of winter has proven to be the perfect condition for us to hole ourselves up in our offices and rock the largest update of our B2C database in our history! And, with the continuous efforts we put into our database growth and improvements, that is really saying something.

So what’s so great about the 2015 Q1 B2C database update?  I’m so glad you asked!  There are actually 4 things, in particular, that we focused on that we feel have resulted in 1 awesomely enhanced consumer database:

1. Format Fixes & Clean-Ups.

We won’t bore you with all of the details, but we fixed the data that we could, removed the data that we couldn’t, added more deliverability flags to weed out the riff raff, added new data fields to track creation and recency of updates and uniformly reformatted to match our B2C and International databases.

2. Double Verification – our new favorite toy!

You may have read recently about our unique and custom method for determining the deliverability of an email address.  Just to recap, DV is a proprietary method we’ve developed that uses live sending and a couple of industry leading software hygiene processes to properly vet email addresses and truly determine mailable records.  Through our partnership with Bridge Marketing and ImpressionWise, we applied Double Verification to our entire B2C database and identified a ton of previous and new data that has since been graduated to “premium” level. Check out more on the DV process here

3. A New Data Source!

We have brought in a ton of new data that added premium email addresses (41 million mailable net new), gave us new insight into existing records and introduced a couple of new fields.  We added/replaced ~20 million telephone #s scrubbed against the Federal DNC (Do Not Call) list.  We filled in gender, date of birth and/or ethnicity on over 24 million records.  And lastly, we added the fields Occupation and Income Range that are now selectable on 27 million records.

4. NCOA’d over 64 million postal addresses.

We aren’t just interested in improving the quality of our email addresses.  Updated postal addresses for our records, using the USPS’ National Change of Address, benefit all involved.  Accurate postal addresses enable us to better target our email campaigns geographically, append demographic and interests data, and offer direct mail lists and integrated campaigns to clients.

So what does the largest B2C marketing database update in EMM history mean to our clients? The results of our recent toils include a master file of over 300 million email records and an enhanced, mailable segment of over 131 million premium email addresses!  And, with postal addresses and DNC scrubbed telephone #s to complement our email addresses, we can work with each of our clients to customize the right list to support any integrated marketing campaign or data appending need.

Please feel free to contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated B2C marketing database, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you.

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