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Technical Sessions 2: Reverse IP Lookup

Reverse IP lookup is a way to discern something about a company so you can sell something to them—which is all well and good. But what exactly, you wisely ask, can I do with this technical topic to drive company sales?

In the second of Rick Holmes’s Technical Sessions, you will figure out what reverse IP lookup is good for and why you’d want to bother with mapping anonymous website traffic. Hint: It’s not as anonymous as you think.

Your IP address is what’s displayed in most web logs for your machine. Here’s the process: you browse a page, your machine logs onto the page, it gives off your public IP address, and the web page notes where you came from and when you leave. That’s really it.

Here comes the good part. IP addresses can be used identify both companies and households on the internet. Using IP addresses to find out information about companies falls under the topic of reverse IP lookup.



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