Paying Off Our Technology Debt

Like a lot of startups, when you iterate your first few versions of product and try to come to market with your minimum viable product the very nature of that first step is that the product will improve and become tailored over time as your customers provide feedback on the product they are consuming.

Enter EMM’s business email marketing database, developed exclusively for re-seller and high volume applications. We know most of our clients add their special sauce for their application specific needs. So, when we built v1.0 of the B2B emailable Masterfile our first priority was getting the records to the clients so they could get them into rotation.

Well, we’ve heard your feedback and we’re proud to announce the Q4 revision and major update to our B2B file. This update includes streamlining of duplicative data fields, specifically the removal of different source input name and company name fields. We have standardized revenue and employee size values from standard source inputs to new standardized range values.

This update is our first that includes builds specific for use in display marketing. It contains nearly 6 million new “full record” premier B2B, 12 million unique SB and D emails and approximately 61 million in our reference Masterfile.

For more information, sample records or to talk to one of our data geeks call 855.475.0258 or visit our (contact us) page.

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