Over 10 Trillion Combinations – is Contact Name Data “BIG Data” yet?

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As we all know, the B2B and B2C email contact name business gets a bad rap for a lot of reasons, many of which it totally deserves. However, the team over here at EMM have recently noticed a trend to remove contact name data from “big data” considerations and we don’t think this is correct, for us anyway.

One can speculate that this is because B2B and B2C email contact name databases are generally smaller than a few billion rows. As a result, they don’t have the potential to generate “big” event level data which can number in the billions of events on a daily basis and thus being placed in the “big data” category.

Well for the first time in the EMM’s team history, which has over 20 years combined experience in the email data business, we’ve seen something that challenges that notion.

The facts are that while our operations team was processing an enterprise client’s half a billion row, quarter billion unique email file, the resulting Linkkey match step produced more than 10 trillion combinations involving 40 million emails. These are correlations drawn between emails, domains and people. Essentially, each original contact was connected to every other contact associated with their organization so that our client can kill it at the Account Based Marketing game.

10 trillion combinations before priorities are assigned for de-duplication. Can contact name data be “big data” yet? We think so.

How many correlations are in your data set? Could those have marketing value to you? Contact us here to find out.

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