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New Data for Successful Engagements

Just released! New Successful Engagement Data for Every Market Media

Nothing helps the Every Market Media Direct Response Team identify a quality email prospecting list for you better than accurate and useful reporting data for the successful engagement of open and click rates. Every Market Media released the most current data this week which spans across 16 distinct categories.

“When we’re better able to identify what baseline performance is, we’re more capable during testing to know when we’ve found an offer that will work with a client’s metrics,” says COO Amanda Kohl.

Information was gathered from 166 separate campaigns and 1.4 million delivered records. The data revealed that the average open rates across the categories was 3.11% with strong performances in Education & Seminars (6.32%, Hobbies and Sports (9.03%) and Technology (6.68%).

Here are the numbers:


The response data was compiled from six different commercially available email service providers. Each provider is 100% CANSPAM Compliant. Additionally, Every Market Media checks for deliverability and threat-reduction processing prior to delivery using a proprietary methodology.

“Our mission is to do all of the appropriate research and analysis of our lists for our clients so that they get the highest ROI on their campaigns EVERY time,” concludes Kohl.

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