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Matching marketing data to IP address

Matching marketing data to IP address

And other exercises in relational database matching..

An agency partner of ours recently revealed a pain on behalf of large auto dealer group client they represent. This agency was seeing promising traction using targeted offline automotive data with matched IP address as the online link allowing them to serve targeted display. The original solution that worked in testing for them had speed and cost restrictions that when rolled out prevented scale. They were selling cars for one dealer, they wanted to sell for the whole group.

Every Market Media was tasked by our agency partner to match IP addresses at an individual, household and address level using the same targeted offline automotive data. Our massive consumer database with opt-in information containing IP address yielded match rates of 78% and 71%. Alteryx software processed ~50,000 record inputs in seconds and the matched data was returned to our agency partner in 24 hours.

We’re finding more opportunities like matching to our consumer email file to produce IP address every day. With marketing data becoming more of a commodity everyday it’s becoming critical that a data service partner understands its assets and how to lever them for its channel partner’s benefit.

To learn more about IP address matching, business to consumer matching (Linkkey), email appends or other dynamic matching processes specific to your application just Contact Us.

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