Improving EMM’s B2B Marketing Database by Adding Standardized Title Buckets

Improving EMM’s B2B marketing database by adding standardized title buckets

Back to our B2B domestic file this week and our operations team have been busy, as always, improving this file by adding standardized titles.

You might be wondering why adding standardized titles to B2B records is important. Well let me tell you! A contact record is only useful if you can easily find it and market to it. Pretty obvious right?

It doesn’t seem like anything but the logical option to make the decision that a person with the job title “IT Manager” should go in the job function bucket “IT”. This “IT Manager” would then be very easy to find and be retrieved during counts for that function bucket. But where it gets a little tricky is when the question comes up of what about a title like “Network Engineer”? Does it go in IT or Engineering? Ok that’s an easy one, put it in both.

But what about this one? Vice President of Commercial Lending. Is that Financial or Sales?

We were surprised to find that many of EMM’s competitors solve this problem by standardizing the actual titles on their database, replacing actual user reported title with between 50 and 250 standard values. This results in reduced marketing performance because there’s a big difference between “Vice President Commercial Lending” and “VP Finance”.


What is this number you may be asking? It is the unique count of titles that are now on our B2B email database. No replacing of actual user reported titles and no loss in marketing performance here.

EMM’s engineering (or was it IT?) team has spent the last 12 months running counts with keyword lists that we’ve derived. Based on these keyword lists, that include and exclude title keywords, we have created rules (“taxonomy tables”) that create representative groups without including records not related to your title query. And, since we’ve added it as a field value you won’t lose the targeting capabilities you get with more specific titles.

All leading to greater ease and accuracy when trying to find a specific customer to market to with EMM!

To find out any more information on the improvements we have made recently to our B2B file, or to speak with one of our data experts, contact us here. Or if you would like us to run a free no obligation count for our B2B database visit us here.

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