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How Many C-Suite Executives Are There in the United States as of 2019?

how many C suite executives are there in USA

One thing we have a lot of at Every Market Media is B2B contact data. And by our record count, there are 3,884,721 C-Suite executives actively employed in the United States (See the green colored cell in the table below).

You may find this value useful if you’re doing certain types of business modeling, sales prospecting or research.

If you’re interested in our B2B or B2C contact data sets, whether you’re looking to increase your list size or improve the quality of your lists, please contact us here. We can help you with database hygiene and contact data verification as well.

As of June 11th, 2019 we have the following B2B U.S. record counts:


ScoreDefinitionUniverseCXODirector/VPManagerNon Managers
AAAPass Ping or Delivered mailing, highest likelihood direct dial segments4,137,518623,190523,601790,0822,200,645
BBBCatch-All or Soft Bounce, highest likelihood direct dial segments4,410,814543,280640,1891,028,6502,198,695
CCCPass Ping or Delivered mailing, partial record, highest likelihood direct dial segments3,967,203544,604218,782242,1722,961,645
AAPass Ping or Delivered mailing, median likelihood direct dial segments5,364,6041,198,652886,7611,262,6403,056,294
BBCatch-All or Soft Bounce, median likelihood direct dial segments13,158,4121,577,2471,873,6362,793,8246,913,705
CCCatch-All or Soft Bounce, partial record, median likelihood direct dial segments4,582,468919,512422,128522,3142,718,514
APass Ping or Delivered mailing, low likelihood direct dial segments6,926,428627,712624,6961,113,2324,560,788
BCatch-All or Soft Bounce, low likelihood direct dial segments37,194,7643,884,7214,534,4697,378,64321,396,931


A Quick Guide To Email Deliverability Terminology

Some of the terminology used in the table above may be unknown to you. Here’s a quick breakdown of what some of the terms mean.

  • Soft Bounce – An undelivered email. This can happen when the recipient’s email inbox is full, the email server is down or the email itself was too large for the recipient’s inbox.
  • Pass Ping – The email address was tested without sending an email.
  • Catch-All – This is when an email that makes it to the receiving email server and doesn’t bounce back. These emails are “caught” by the receiving email server and may “roll up” certain emails or is still receiving emails for addresses for employees that have left the company. For example, a “roll up” could be several email addresses like sales@, ops@, and those email addresses are rolled up to info@.

Note: If you want to target CXOs (C-Suite executives) with the highest probability of establishing contact, you’d want to use AAA scored records from our database (See the gold colored cell in the table above).

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