EMM Glossary Term: Profile

A way of depicting your usual customer. You make a profile by sculpting your database. The profile may tell you that your common customer is a woman of 35-54 with an income of $25-$50K. Also known as market profile, it indicates assortment of aspects presented to an aimed community, and in market, aimed group of purchasers. These attributes usually involve demographics components like revenue, geographic components like area or domain, so as psychographic components like principles. Let’s consider a firm located in Michigan, named Mama’s Kitchen, is expanding their advertisement scheme for the upcoming year. The advertisement scheme signals for Mama’s Kitchen market profile. Mama’s Kitchen needs to recognize their target market. Target market is a community whose requirements fits the item or assistance of a group and afterwards to the people who use it at the end of the day. As a label indicates, Mama’s Kitchen is a brand which produces homemade food and it has aims in those who prefer homemade food. In addition, Mama’s Kitchen analysis demonstrates that the regular purchasers of homemade food are mostly elderly people, around 35-40 years and older. Mama’s Kitchen has a couple workers and two places of activities in north Michigan. Granted to analysis, most of the 40 years old are located in north Michigan area. The target market is now recognized.