Match Code

EMM Glossary Term: Match Code

An extract of the name and address utilized to recognize a specified record. Utilized in de duping. Match codes are often made from bits of the label and address departments and usually involves a check number and-or a tiebreaker that is, a casually given digit that keeps the responsibility of a doubling match code or two or more notes with identical labels and addresses. The math code is stamped on buyer-reply forms such as order documents, bills and quizzes, also on mailing names, so correct note can be located easier when the forms are returned for handling. The handicap of dealing with match code systems is that the match code shifts every time the buyer’s address or label is shifted for good. The merchant then drops the skill to trail a buyer’s past over longer terms. For instance, when Dana Joe gets married, gets the last name of her husband and sends a shipment to the merchant, she has given a new match code based on her husband’s family name. The computer can’t spot the difference between same persons with different last names, so it will approach Dana as a new customer. This issues can be fixed by authorizing, instead of match code, a various buyer digit, that can remain with the buyer regardless of differences in name or address. This digit plan will only work if the buyer ardently sends their buyer digit with all correlation.