KEI Analysis

EMM glossary term: KEI Analysis

Keyword Effectiveness Indicator or KEI for short, Is designed to measure and quantify the quality and worth of a search term. The KEI analysis is and indication of the most effective keyword which you can use to optimize your web pages for. The KEI analysis formula has been invented by SEO expert Sumantra Roy. The KEI score can be calculated in different ways and therefor needs to be interpreted in different ways. Many people calculate the KEI score by dividing the number of local monthly searches * 2 with the number of competing pages in the targeted search engine but this is a very shallow point of view on how to calculate the KEI score because the number of competing pages does not actually say how many competitors you have in Google. The real competitors are optimizing their pages for the search term and these are the competitors you should take into account with the calculation of you KEI index score.

It is important that your target group is able to find you in the search engines. Your website will only show up in the search engine result page when your website has got content on it which matches the search queries of your potential clients. But there are a lot more aspects which determine your pagerank in the search results.

Targeting keywords with a high KEI will help you rank better in the search engines.