ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Internet Service Provider or ISP is a business which provides other companies or individuals with access to the Internet. Internet services typically provided by ISPs include Internet access, Internet transit, domain name, registration, web hosting, usenet service, collocation etc. Every country has more than one internet service provider. Thanks to them every one has access to the internet, not only in our houses but in coffee shops, restaurants, parks etc.  The job of an Internet Service provider, or ISP, is to maintain, install and provide internet connection in houses and commercial areas. Some examples of internet service provider clients include coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, hotels, parks, houses etc. One most pay a fee to the internet service providers in order for them to install internet connectivity in their housing and pay a monthly bill for the internet and access and the maintaining of it. Internet providers are connected all around the world, and therefore their clients have access to other networks as well.  There are different types of connections to the internet. These are: dial up, cable television connection, wireless etc. Nowadays, the most popular connection is wireless. The slowest connection is dial up, and it is also the first firm of internet connection which was invented.