EMM Glossary Term: Index

An Index is the numerical quota of diversity in an economic marketing. In the case of economic marketing, as index is abstract case of preservation showing a specific marketing or a bit of it. Every index has its individual arithmetic procedure and is generally declared in circumstances of a modification from a vase valuation. Hence, percent modification is more crucial than the substantive numeral valuation. Marketing indexes are also used to formulate index bilateral budget and exchange traded budget whose cases reflect the segments of the index.

1. Utilised in relational databases to assist in locating common data in thousands of records. An index for income could assist in detecting all the customers whose income was between $25K and $35K. Using an index you can demand for answers on a file of 10 million customers and discover how many women aged 60+ purchased above $200 in the last 6 months, and execute it in 5 seconds.

2. A statistical word for correlating the value of two sets of numbers. If a specific group had a response index of 100 and another had 120, the second group had 20% more replies than the first one. The average of any group always had an index of 100.