House Holding

EMM Glossary Term: House Holding

A method in which all individuals and their accounts are assembled by the house that they reside in so that they only receive one letter per house in a promotion.
Why the household is so crucial in data marketing? One of the main senses for house holding is to lower down the expenses. There is no sense to issue divided marketing bids individually to every member of the household, notably when the bid compromises something that household might only use it once. For instance, a household will naturally only purchase one local journal subscription.

Basically, one single communication per family is a regular statute of approach for your marketing operations. This statute is mostly crucial for operations of high costs, like first class direct mail. It is less important for cheap operations, like ones send by email.

Considering that you will be mailing once to each family, you have to make a selection: Whom the letter will be sent to? You can avoid this problem by easily mailing to the Henderson Family. Although that kind of contacting is more likely to be neglected. Most of the merchants agree to emblem one representative of each household as the labelled Head of Household. That will be the person who will receive all the emails and whom will be communicated with.