Geographical Targeting

EMM glossary term: Geographical Targeting

Geographical Targeting used to allow you to see where your visitors come from and to give them specific information that is relevant to them. Also known as geo-targeting or geo-locating.

Geographical targeting is mostly used in online marketing and geo-marketing. The positive effects of this method is that people in marketing know what to deliver to people interested in what they sell, based on their metro code, country, region/state etc. There are different types of geographical targeting. These are: different content by choice, automated different content, IP spidering and IP delivery in SEO. For example, the different content by choice type is a type of website where you first have to choose the country from where you are and then you receive content based upon that fact. In internet marketing and geomarketing, the delivery of different content based on the geographical geolocation and other personal information is automated.