EMM Glossary Term: De Geodemographics

Census data that can potentially be added to a household file once it has been geocoded. Includes such features such as income, education, home type, etc. Extracted from the neighborhood of the household. Geodemographics is also the research of the community and its attributes, split to regions on a geographical structure. The primary source of information for this research is the index. Yet, rhythm of index information being lofty, different sources like state court sense, ownership assessment and household committee rate line information are used as well.

In regular marketing, geodemographics can be of an enormous priority in partition. Resulting such partition, popularity and choice of each group can be decided. Between these, the immense predilection areas will get selected and later aimed for marketing.

Geodemographic partition in marketing entrusts on the succeeding acceptance of user act:
-Population living in the same area and in similar circumstances will instinctively have identical specification and identical interests than population living in some other far area.
For instance: Air conditioning devices have a potential of better selling in hotter geographic areas, like for example in the Middle East more than in North Europe.

-Population from the same blocks will have related aspects even if they are distant.
For example: Biryani rice can be sold to an Arab customer who has moved to Europe long time ago.