Enhancement is a noun which comes from the verb enhance, and it means to improve something, for it to be better than it already is. It improves the value of something.  Enhancement is the process of appending demographics or lifestyle data to a business or customer list in order to enhance its effectiveness. It is similar in business as it is in lifestyle. Many people want to enhance their physical appearance so they undergo many plastic surgeries. They do that to look better, or to make them feel better, have more confidence. On the other hand, in business, companies append demographics ( gender, age, marital status etc of a population) or lifestyle data ( the way people lead their everyday life) to their customer list to enhance their effectiveness. Their effectiveness is that much better because once a company has this type of information they can know exactly what to do with their company, and in which way it will go. Whether they should try to sell their product in a certain community or region, or not. For a business to be successful in its line of work, they should always strive to be better, to enhance their work in any way possible.