De Dupe

EMM Glossary Term: De Dupe

Recognizing and combining reproduced names commonly executed in a merge/purge operation. De duping can also be the action of discarding duplicate accesses from mailing lists. De duping products in decreased values because of the volume of postage and marketing collateral demanded for direct mail operations and the number of email recipients in email marketing operations.

It is also an action that uses parallel logic to exclude file notes that are duplicates (dupes), also known as dupe combine. There are various vitalities of de dupe computer programs based on the targets of the file user. For instance, if a merchandise being peddled by the file user is improper for a flat inhabitants, then apartments with the same street number but other apartment number are dupes and by that are removed from the index. If distinct rented indexes are being de duped all the while a merge or purge, a priority proclamation has to be assembled into de dupe plan parallel logic to show which indexes dupes should be exclude from. Unplanned prioritization secures index holders from being improperly fined for duplicate notes by excluding dupes from the index on unplanned basis. Fee is made to the index holders for names left after the de dupe action, so the minority of the dupes being excluded from their index, better they will get compensated. For instance, if Index 1 and Index 8 corresponding 8 notes, 4 of the corresponding will be excluded from the Index 1 and 4 will be excluded from the Index 2, hence decreasing their rental earning fairly.