Call To Action – CTA

EMM glossary term: Call to Action

Call To Action – A phrase or sentence written with the intention to motivate the reader to take a specific action on the website. Such actions can include signing up for a newsletter or contacting the company, sending a survey form or something alike. In the web design profession, a Call To Action is usually a banner or button, or some other type of graphic or text on the website requiring the user to click on it in hopes to get them down a conversion funnel. Call To Action is an essential and very important part of inbound marketing, it actively tries to convert users into a lead and later into a customer. The main purpose of a Call To Action is to get a click from the user. The success of the CTA is calculated with a conversion rate formula which puts the number of clicks over the number the Call To Action was seen. Another common way used to test the efficiency of a Call To Action is an A/B test in which several banners, buttons or similar are presented to users and the one with the highest success rate gets chosen and becomes the default.

The most common words used are ones that urge the reader or viewer to take an immediate action; for example “Contact Us”, “Write us Now”, “Call Now”, etc.