EMM glossary term: Affiliate

Also known as “publishers”. Affiliates market another merchant’s products on their site and earn revenue for successful referrals to that merchant’s website. Affiliates are, in other words, firms who are partners in marketing. Every page you visit you can see, on either the top or the bottom of the page, different ads. They are usually the same for one page. More of them probably, but for a period of time, the same circle around. If you click on that page, and afterwards even buy that product, or some product from a company, the affiliate earns a part of the money you spent on it. It is a win-win situation for both the company and the affiliate.

There is another definition for the term affiliate. It represents a kind of relationship between two companies in which one company owns stock of another company. However, the stocks that it owns are less than majority, therefore it only has revenue but doesn’t have much authority in it. It can also represent a relationship between companies in which two companies are auxiliaries of a bigger company. A company is said to be an affiliate when it owns a part of a company, but does not want to be controlled by it or associated with it.