Affiliate Marketing

EMM glossary term: Affiliate Marketing

An agreement between two websites. The affiliate agrees to feature content on their site that aims to drive traffic to another merchant’s site. In return the affiliate site receives a percentage of the sales generated by this traffic. There are four major parts which need to be taken into consideration when forming affiliate marketing, or in other words you need four players. These are: the merchant, the network, the affiliate, the customer. The merchant is the person who gives out its product in order to be marketed, and he is the retailer. The network is someone who contains offers and who collects the payment. The publisher, also known as the affiliate, is someone who publishes the ad and gets a percentage after every sale via his ad. And the last of the mentioned is someone without whom no company could function, and that is the customer.

Affiliate marketing is in many ways similar to Internet marketing, and uses much of the same marketing methods. These methods are: search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, content marketing etc. However, there are also other methods that affiliate marketing uses, which internet marketing doesn’t. One of these things is publishing reviews of products. Nowadays, this kind of marketing is not so popular, since it is overlooked by advertisers, because there are so many successful online ways for marketing. But still, affiliate marketing continues to exist, and plays a significant role in marketing.