Address Verification

EMM Glossary Term: Address Verification

Address verification is the method of equating mailing list addresses against the address data file preserved by the US Postal Service. Confirmed lists save money by diminishing the magnitude of mail returned as undeliverable. In some situations, it may be necessary for the USPS to obtain proof of address verification as a circumstance to rightfully attain discounted mailing rates.

In numerous scenarios, software utilized for verification is also used to adjust, standardize, and embellish addresses. A mailing list’s National Deliverability Index (NDI) score signifies how well the list has been verified. See also Address Correction.

Before an address can be verified as deliverable, first it has to be regulated. Regularity disciples an address to a regular format by repairing the address, if possible, and adding the information that is lacking, such as street addresses, cities, states etc.

If you’re are settled in an accurate street address and you discover that it doesn’t locate it properly, you should inform your local US Post Office and do the validation of the address in their system.

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