Active Verb

EMM glossary term: Active Verb

Active Verb – An action word, usually used in a call to action (CTA) and tells a visitor what to do. Everywhere in marketing it is said that what you put as a headline when you advertise is 80% of the work. So one can surely say that the headline of an ad is the most important thing. It is what attracts people to listen, and then even buy the thing you are advertising. In that case, the first word of the headline is even more important. The first word must make a reader read the whole ad, you must grab their attention with it. These words are called Active Verb. When writing something, it is of high importance to pay attention to how you write it and which words you use. For example, completed sounds much more positive than finished.

Another example, is the word alluring. It brings out energy and therefore appeals more attention as opposite to some other boring words used in a headline. It is also important in marketing, that the advertiser does not mention itself very much, and especially not at the beginning of the headline. When one is writing an ad it is always better to start it with an active verb. Experts know that that is the way to go when attracting customers.