Giving our International Phone Formats a Chance to Follow Their Dreams

Giving our international phone formats a chance to follow their dreams

Sticking with the international data theme this week, the EMM operations crew have been busy transforming our international phone formats into formats that they dreamed of being back when they first thought about coming to the land of opportunity!

Let’s start with a bit of background, US B2B telephone marketing data does not present the same formatting challenge that International B2B marketing data does. This is because the US follows a standard format state to state and county to county, standardizing phone numbers is an easier database task once you know the formatting rules (in which the EMM Operations team are experts of course).

International data however, is very different, and can be a little more difficult when it comes to being used in marketing. International phone data has several different formatting rules for each country so you have to choose the presentation format of the data for the country that it is most consumed in. Our file is built from more than 150 contributing sources, many of which are in separate countries, so we have had to code these rules and convert or append numbers that previously did not meet these requirements.

If this doesn’t make things clear then take a look at the following example:

Original German phone number – 636-48018
If dialed from Germany – (089) 636-48018
If dialed from the US- +49-89-636-48018
If dialed from France- 19-49-89-636-48018

So in an effort to make our international B2B database as accessible as possible, and to allow these records to realize their dream of coming to the US, the team has standardized this database, which includes email, telephone and address information for contacts around the world into “dialed from US” format. The main benefits, among many, are that the new format changes allow us to match other reference databases with greater frequency and make the phone numbers much more consumable by sales teams.  

To find out any more information on the improvements we have made recently to our B2B international file, or to speak with one of our data experts, contact us here. Or if you would like us to run a free no obligation count for our international database visit us here. But before you do don’t forget to check out our free guide to international data legislation.

Happy Dialing!

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