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Full Global B2B Email Validated, NTC Strata Coming



Global b2b update 2.17.1

All records in the EMM Global B2B Database from countries permitting the use of 3rd party business data have been email validated and intensive character cleanup was performed. This has resulted in 1.8 million highly deliverable business emails and 2.05 million non-failures across 17 countries.

Absent from this validation are Canadian email records, an example of a market where EMM made the choice to not validate records in countries where marketing by third parties without express consent is now law.

Following on high rates of adoption of our Needle and Thread quality structure from our US B2B file (present as our NTC field) this email validation clears the way to begin grading the phone connect quality for striation of our file globally as domestically.

‘Email Status’ Unique Email Quantities:

Ok (Passed ping or delivered mailing): 1,816,618

Unknown (Catch All, Unverified or Soft Bounced):  2,051,564

Not Verified (Has not been recently verified or mailed):  10,420,737

Bad (Likely bad, worst traps):  4,882,457

Total: 19,171,376


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