EMM’s International B2B Database Update | April ’16

After many weeks of engineering data changes based on client feedback, we are thrilled to announce our most impactful B2B International database update yet. This quarters logic heavy update has focused on unifying and selecting the best value for company level attributes when multiple values are present at the same company with different contacts.

EMM was able to accomplish this by levering their domain table of over 15 million worldwide domains into a databased table of company information. This table allows for all records in our database to be grouped by domain and then grouped to a unique company ID. We researched the best quality firmagraphics within our third party suppliers, prioritized them and pushed the data into the contact records at a domain level.

Going forward, this table serves to unify all new data and provide better segmentation coverage, which was especially lacking on Global assets until now.

These exciting new available fields and quantity changes are below. To query the database for prospecting records, use our research team. To get information on our install-base products or to use our data to enhance yours, talk to us.

4/5/2016, B2B Int’l

The following logic changes were made.

  1.  Standardized all company names based on value frequency confidence scoring
  2.  Populated most common values for address at given location
  3. Improved taxonomy tables for revenue range, employee range, job level and job function
  4. Increased email verification standard
  5. Suppressed invalid domains, parked domains
  6. Improved first and last name invalid logic
  7.  Dropped 654,281 email invalids
  8. Additional improved phone

The following values were added:

  1.  7,117,947 contacts enhanced with Technologies on Site
  2.  6,176,852 contacts enhanced with Year Founded
  3. 7,121,921 contacts enhanced with social media data
  4. 11,677,842 additional contacts coded with Industry / SIC
  5. Dropped 1,026,648 contacts due to association with invalid/parked domains

This resulted in the following final totals. Download our file layout and quantities here

Total unique email records: 19,364,574
Total full business card records: 8,499,630

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our International database, receive a quote, a FREE count or download our Data Legislation by Country Guide.

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