EMM’s B2B Database Update | Q1 2016

We’ve Doubled Down with our B2B Email Database!

For the past three months Every Market Media has been working on a B2B database update with the aim of providing our customers with better and more in-depth data. We made numerous improvements to previous categories and added additional categories such as “technologies used”, year founded, and social media information. Our aim is to provide exceptional data and this update definitely aids us in accomplishing just that!

This quarters logic heavy update has focused on unifying and selecting the best value when multiple values are present for the same record. We’ve addressed this by building a domain table derived from the domains in our email addresses which has allowed us to fill and improve millions of records in the set. Going forward, this table serves to unify and provide firmographics at a domain level for all new records.

The following are notable highlights of the standardization and completed changes:

  1. An overall increase 1,254,313 company names, standardizing/merging 4,470,721 company names.
  2. 5,975,031 more phone numbers
  3. 3,739,475 improved addresses
  4. 10,292,971 more contacts with employee size value
  5. Dropped 49,914 invalid first names and 400,000 international contacts dropped from US file

This domain level unification has made the data easier to pair to third party sources of enhanced firmographics. Notable highlights below:

  1. 43,219,975 contacts enhanced with “technologies used”
  2. 39,020,226 contacts enhanced with year founded
  3. 38,172,436 contacts enhanced with social media information
  4. 7,090,088 more contacts with Industry information
  5. Dropped 248,637 domains and associated contacts as parked/invalid

In summary these changes have dramatically improved the quality of much of our company data, made many more of the contacts actionable and made them additionally suitable to more marketing applications.

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