EMM’s B2B Data Globetrotting Adventures Continue

EMM’s B2B Data Globetrotting Adventures Continue Banner Picture

When we began to build our international B2B marketing database, I dreamt of visiting each country represented on our file under the guise of quality control. Alas this dream drifts farther and farther out of reach as we continue to grow this database. At last count, our international B2B marketing database is over 24 million records strong and represents 227 countries. This is, in a word, awesome! BUT old dreams do die hard. Perhaps a casual mention that I’d be willing to volunteer my time, once the Chicago winter kicks in, to do “random” qc spot checks that could just happen to start in a country near the equator first? Hmm…

More on my side agenda later, fingers crossed, but I am really and truly VERY excited to share with you some serious additions and updates to our international B2B marketing database. We have taken our quest to offer quality international email lists to a new level with this latest round of improvements, folks.

We have appended 6 new fields that are going to enable marketers to better reach their targets around the world:

  1. Job Level (I.e. C-Level)
  2. Job Function (I.e. Marketing)
  3. Revenue Range (annual revenue)
  4. Employee Range (# of employees)
  5. Tier (flag to indicate “Tier 1” records that have all business card data fields available)
  6. Threat Level (ImpressionWise threat management ranking for email deliverability)

We also cleaned up some of the existing data and did some company, and country, level matches to better round out our international offering:

  • Appended Revenue, Employees, Company Website, Industry, SIC Code, SIC Code 2, Country and Postal Address where missing
  • Created Country Codes for every record with Phone and Fax
  • Set individual phones to appropriate minimum and maximum character rules by country
  • Filtered out all domestic or invalid countries and contacts
  • Standardized Revenue

8,521,086 of the 24,127,560 unique international business emails records now in our back pocket are what we call “Tier 1” which means they include full business card values. For these 8.5mm records, we have complete contact information! (Contact Name, Title, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Email)

I won’t bore you with all of the latest details of the database here, you’re welcome, but rest assured that we have full deets available upon request. We welcome, nay encourage, you to reach out to us to learn more about this database and how it could improve your marketing efforts across this Earth. We will regale you with who the lucky 227 countries are, how many peeps we have in each of those lucky ducks, job levels, job functions, industries available and much, much more.

Please feel free to contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated international B2B marketing database, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you.
[Every Market Media | 855-475-0258 |]

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