EMM is Taking Over the World!

Well, not literally. No need to fear that we’ve developed a recent interest in world domination. We are VERY happy to announce, however, that we have finalized the first phase of the Every Market Media International B2B Marketing Database!

It’s been a meaty database project for us to be sure as we started with over 120 various data sources that all had to be standardized, cleaned and painstakingly tweaked until we were happy that we had the end product optimized. It has been quite a fruitful venture, however, as it has resulted in us having 25,975,162 international B2B records with at least a business type and unique email address. Many of the records have not only business type and email, but also full contact information – AKA the “holy grail” to database geeks such as ourselves. [The fully populated records include: business type, contact name, company name, postal, phone and email fields.]

So what do we consider an “international” database? How about 217 countries across most continents?! We’re happy, nay proud, to provide the full list to any interested parties, but here are the top 4 countries by coverage as a teaser:

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. China

With over 70,000 different industry types represented, we have the ability within this database to find just about any type of business you can imagine around the globe. Each record on the database has a descriptive Industry label as well as 2-digit and 4-digit SIC Codes available for maximum flexibility in targeting.

Though we are very pleased with this product that we have built and feel that it’s ready for public consumption, we’re never satisfied or consider a database to be “complete” as data is fluid and ever-changing and feel there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We’ve already got a 2-prong approach to the next phase in the works, in fact:

  1. We will be setting about to fill in the blanks and append additional contact information to the records that don’t have some fields yet populated.
  2. We will be releasing an online count tool that we’ve built to support our new product! Please feel free to contact Daniel if you’re interested in learning more about the new database, or would like us to run some counts for you.

Contact Daniel:
Daniel Currier | Business Development Manager | 312-219-9975 |

Otherwise, stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on our progress – cheers!

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