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EMM B2B 3.17.1 Update Complete!

The EMM Operations team has been working tirelessly all quarter to complete this major milestone update. This update proudly closes a full quarter of processing email validation of our entire file. That is a lot of email! (128,225,212 records to be exact).

These new deliverability results have been integrated within our existing intelligence. The responses have shifted data throughout our quality strata, resulting in net new 6,352,726 records that have never been included in our mailable (AAA-CC) file before.

Notable Highlights:

  • Email verified all records within AAA-CC that were not previously verified within last 2 update cycles. Also verified 10,604,270 C records that previously not been included in mailable file. CASS standardized all addresses
  • New Deliverability Status of “Unverifiable” added from new verification. “Unverifiable” records are categorized with Suppression Code “Catch All” and fall into B’s.
  • New Deliverability Status of “OK” added from new verification. “OK” records are categorized with Deliverability Status “D” and fall into A’s
  • Filled in First and Last Name on 1,901,444 from alternate hygiene source.
  • Filled in Title on 600K records, Company Name on 238,072 and Phone with Phone score of 18 and 23 on 309,390 records from alternate hygiened sources
  • Threat processed all C records that passed verification

As part of this update, EMM compared each Company’s Industry and SIC Code fields to identify when they did not align. When more accurate SIC Code values were available, they replaced the current values, thus improving the quality of our global B2B file. These changes, along with the email validation processing of our full file, have produced net new 6,352,726 records and ensured that our B2B files are the cleanest and safest that they have ever been!

Keep an eye out for these further improvements that are scheduled for the upcoming weeks:

  1. Increase our direct dial coverage in highest quality strata’s AAA, BBB
  2. Publishing accumulated net new
  3. Publishing high quality exceptions through automation
  4. Use reporting to drive investment focus
  5. Explore better resolution on false catch all boxes with our annual live mailing

If you would like some more information on our NTC B2B layout, check out our recent press release here.

Contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated marketing databases, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you.

[Every Market Media | 855-475-0258 |marketing@everymarketmedia.com]

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