Double the Verification, Double the Fun

double the verification, double the fun

In our never-ending quest to optimize and clean our email data, we have gotten extra fancy and created a process that we like to call Double Verification. What is Double Verification? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Double Verification is actually a 3-part email hygiene methodology we have designed. DV leverages the awesome smarts and technology of 2 of our software validation partners and us doing live sends:

  1. We have used Impressionwise for some time as part of our threat management – they know the spambots, honeypots and most of the other little banes of an email marketer’s existence.
  2. Using a leading third party MX-lookup service that utilizes a validation “ask” of the domain to confirm if a mailbox is currently active. This method is more resistant to reputation based Soft Bounces but fails to identify which inboxes are easier to deliver to.
  3. EMM has always been a firm believer that the most sure-fire way to know if an email is deliverable is to deliver to it. Our live sending enables us to have utmost confidence in our premium, deliverable email addresses. Live sends also identify Soft Bounces or emails that we weren’t able to deliver to at one time, BUT could very well be deliverable. These email addresses that temporarily reside in a “gray area” so to speak – could be good, but could also be a risk to the sender.

Of course, we’ve done much of these processes independently in the past and with mixed, but acceptable results. However, our recent work to achieve Double Verification has concentrated on us doing the following:

  • tandem use of the 3 processes
  • cross-reference the results
  • analyze the data and create new categories based on deliverability and perceived risk

But has it really made that big of a difference to our email database? Well…drum roll, please… Double Verification was recently completed on our B2C email marketing database and we’ve enjoyed a lift of 96 million net new likely deliverable records! To say we are a bit excited would be an understatement.

We haven’t only exponentially increased the likely deliverable records in our email database, however. These new categories enable us to better collaborate with our clients to customize lists that they wish to send to on their own. Based on the type of platform(s) each of our clients is using and their objective, we’re able to identify which records are best suited for their sends. For example, our clients on non-commercial platforms can only use the crème de la crème – the premium, known deliverable records. We now have, however, 39 million records that are not a known threat, have been software validated and didn’t hard bounce from our live sends – these records can be awesome for the campaigns of our commercial platform clients.

We aren’t stopping with the B2C email data though – we’re just getting warmed up! We’ve already begun the Double Verification of our B2B data and will announce when it’s been completed on the entire database. Of course, we can run Double Verification on any B2B segments that may be of interest in the interim if it would tickle your fancy.

Please feel free to contact Every Market Media if you’re interested in learning more about our updated B2C marketing database, receiving a sample file or would like us to run some counts for you. [Every Market Media | 855-475-0258 |]

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