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Don’t Blame the Email Data for Failed Marketing

Don’t blame the Email Data for failed Marketing

Deliverable email data can’t make up for poor targeting.

As an email database provider (and to a lesser degree, list provider) who seeds licensed files to some of the biggest compiling names in the business we have the opportunity to see and approve hundreds of campaigns a month. We see the names selected and the content distributed in an impartial sort of light. So when I read an article on the first page of google when querying a search term like “buy email lists” I get frustrated when the author references email marketing horror stories and plants the low response rates solely on the shoulders of the email data list.

Recently email data was selected for a commercial roofing offer. You know, “Do you need your roof redone, best rates!” from a national contracting group. They selected job title “owner” and similar as the only list criteria. That’s it. I mean, try a little harder here guys. Blasting away at tens of thousands of inbox’s with decimal place open rates should tell you something. People are still sending electronic messing like this halfway through 2015? The roofers do not appear as of this writing to be re-testing.

Email Data doesn’t need to be first party opt-in from last week’s techno-widget conference to perform well, it needs to have a thoughtful business purpose in mind and appear to come from a real human being and you’ve taken your first step. Then, you adjust based on response (or lack of). For us our specific success has been with super targeted one to one outreach using the same dataset mentioned in the roofing example above and we’re having terrific response rates stemming from careful targeting and monitoring of results.

So stop blaming the email data lists, Google author. There are still plenty of people out there using our stuff doing thoughtful marketing that you probably don’t even recognize as marketing but as communication.

Want a second opinion on your targeting? Contact EMM.

PS: Mr. Roofer if you’re reading this and you do decide to re-test you should consider starting with industries that tend to have large buildings. Maybe facility managers or property managers. Or use a postal specialty file to identify owners with big square footage then append emails and send direct mail and really work a small list with your big average sale.

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