Converting B2B Email to B2C Email – Linking Data Silos with

Converting B2B Email to B2C Email

Silo’d data is a huge challenge for the modern marketer and they may not even realize it. In its most simple form it’s the sales rep calling without a complete picture of prior interactions with the prospect. In a more complex form it’s preventing marketers from using programmatic display to generate more business.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why is my match rate so low?” when importing email data into Facebook or when using a prospecting list to create an online audience, you’ve experienced data silos impacting your results.

Facebook’s data silo in this instance is primarily made up of people whose personas are “B2C”. You register your email with Facebook and generally you don’t register your work email because you don’t want work to have ownership of that digital property. This silo’s impact is that the B2B marketer uploading their list sees very low match rates to Facebook’s audience because of the makeup of its registrations.

The same challenge applies to a marketer using a service like LiveRamp or Neustar offer to on-board their offline B2B data. The data making up the pools at those firms is also largely “B2C” because it is generated at registration and security forms. A marketer on-boarding offline B2B data will see similarly low match rates as compared to Facebook.

EMM’s product allows a marketer to cross this gap by converting B2B data to B2C data by linking data points from within these data silos to connect the B2B email silo to the B2C email silo. Using these linking points yields match rates of 30% and higher at an individual level and the resulting matches match at 4x the efficiency of the original offline B2B input.

Clients with additional identity resolution capabilities may experience even larger increases to audience sizes!

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