Bulk Email Verification

Technical Sessions 3: 2 Ways to Verify Your Unverifiable B2B Email

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Sent mail—meaning email, not direct mail—is one of the highest quality ways to ensure your messages are being delivered to a person.

“With a good delivery system, responses to sent mail can be trusted,” Holmes said. A delivery message, especially with an open, is a great way to check to be sure that a person got your message.

A problem with sent mail (coming up later) is that catch-alls can keep the message from being delivered. But if you have great delivery, you’re not likely being spoofed. (Plus, you can collect more metadata this way.)

Another pro of good delivery is the low percentage of unknown responses. “Your soft bounces, mailbox full notifications, and out of office responses also come in much smaller amounts,” Holmes said. The quality is just higher because you can draw a direct line between your message and the recipient.