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Buying a B2B Email Database?

Are you interested in buying a premium B2B email database? Well here at EMM we understand that all databases are not created equal, and that is why we have recently undertaken a huge database improvement process to enhance the quality of our individual records and company search ability.

Our proprietary Double Verification hygiene process had already proven itself to be uber-effective at improving the deliverability of our B2C consumer email database, so it was a no-brainer that we wanted to unleash our 2 best email hygiene buds, Bridge Marketing and Impressionwise, on our B2B data as well.  We wanted to do even more than just awesome hygiene though – in order to take our B2B database to the next level, we needed more…even more fields than we already had on our records and more standardization of the fields we already had.  So that’s what we did.

We learned a lot during this process and wanted to share some important things we did to make our B2B database the best around:

  • Added more fields and increased our standardization
  • Removed all records that weren’t know to be mail-able
  • Expanded our targeted options by adding fields such as:
    • Job Level
    • Job Function
    • Annual Revenue Range
    • # Of Employees Range
    • Email Delivery Threat Level
    • Last Mailed
    • Last Suppressed
    • Secondary SIC Code
  • Chose Quality over Quantity: We were willing to discard some records
  • Included flags for 36,634,952 total “Double Verified” records of known, or presumed, mail able emails and 26,836,176 records with Full Business Card Value (Business card value includes: Contact Name, Title, Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Email)

We know our improvements increased the quality of our B2B email database and worked to reap long term rewards for both our clients and us. When buying an Email Database we hope that you will choose a B2B email provider that focuses on its customer’s success.

Pick up the phone or contact us here if you’re interested in learning more about our B2B data services.  Be sure to request some FREE counts or even a sample file!

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