Bulk Email Verification

Bulk Email Verification Has a New Name With eFirstPass!

With over three years and four billion prospecting emails validated, Every Market Media (EMM) is a global leader in how to build scaled email databases cost effectively.  We are excited to announce that, for the first time, EMM is making its double verification process available to other marketing services firms.

This proprietary process allows a marketer with email data of an unknown nature to remove known bad records when quantities for processing the entire data set might otherwise make it impractical to validate.

Common reasons very large datasets can be impractical to validate prior to this service include:

  1. Reputation based threats do not permit regular mailing for cleaning ad-hoc
  2. Time frame for “live” verifying enterprise volume emails can take months
  3. Email doesn’t get better with time so by the time you finish the whole set it needs to be cleaned again
  4. Verified data isn’t always consumed by sales and marketing teams, increasing costs
  5. Records that don’t successfully verify increase the cost of the net verified record, sets with a lot of bad data can be prohibitively expensive
  6. General internet domains (b2b) have low confidence verification results that can’t be trusted

Our combination process of static and live validation with threat control methods make us the first call for Fortune 100 email data problems. If you’ve experienced one of the above pains or would like for an expert to review your data problem, book a demo or check out the eFirstPass site for more information.


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