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How to Break Through a Well-Fortified Inbox

For 15 years, people treated email marketing the same way: “I’ve got a list, I batch, I blast, I send.”

With more data and sophisticated tools available, people are now choosier about what they allow into their inboxes. So the question becomes, “How can we add value in our messages?”

In this episode Rich Wilson, VP of Customer Experience at BrightWave Marketing, explains why getting data to give you the right context is crucial to breaking through an inbox.

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“Instead of asking, ‘How do I reach these people to sell something?’ ask yourself, ‘How can I help them?’ “ – Rich Wilson

How can I help them?

“When you hear a customer say, ‘I’m getting too much email,’ it means you’re not sending the right emails.” – Rich Wilson

“If you have the confidence in how relevant you can be, you have the freedom to send emails more often.” – Rich Wilson

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