Comparing the Effectiveness of Email Matching Applications in Smaller More Recent B2C Records v Large Archive Files

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Hello EMM followers! Recently we have been talking about our new product,, and if you’re reading this article, you might have heard of it. There have been several common questions we have been receiving from product managers about Linkkey and its capabilities, but the number one question from skeptical data product managers is:

“How is this any different than doing a B2B to B2C address append with my huge email database?”

Well luckily we have the answer for you. The EMM operations team use our considerable B2C email data asset in one phase of our matching process for Linkkey and that contributes about 30% of total match records. This step, by itself, is very similar to the append logic that is involved in doing a B2B to B2C address append as stated above. The difference is that this process is only the second process of four steps, six databases and 26 match types that takes place when you use We link not just between your file and a large reference set, but between your file, linking attributes, and then to our large reference files and proprietary ancillary files.

Most of the other solutions seen in this space lever data assets that already existed, based in email marketing compliance, rendering them less effective to solve the specific problems that does. Namely, increasing online B2B audience sizes.
So if you would like to increase your B2B contact data audience size in a unique way, or have us demonstrate the measureable difference that can provide, contact us here.

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