B2C Compiling Statement

The Every Market Media b2c masterfile database contains millions of email contact records. The Every Market Media b2c masterfile database has been created in the following ways:

1) by way of collecting third party opt in form completions with CAN-SPAM compliant permissions – these records are compliant for email marketing

2) by way of compilation / aggregation of public data on the web and archiving for linkage purposes – these records are not compliant for email marketing and may be hashed

3) by way of data generated during marketing activities such as telemarketing and email marketing

The Every Market Media b2c masterfile database is standardized and verified by way of proprietary methods and technologies and is then made available to our customers, partners and other third parties via a variety of contractual means

The Every Market Media masterfile database does not identify the source of the underlying information within the database or to third parties unless specifically delivered with the record.

If you wish to update your profile or request the removal of your profile from the Every Market Media databases, you may do so at any time, via email: privacy@everymarketmedia.com or the internet: www.everymarketmedia.com, or via a toll-free number to our Customer Service: 1-855-475-0258.

Every Market Media will remove your contact information promptly upon any opt-out request. For more information, see our privacy policy.