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B2B update 6.17.4 brings new direct dial

Update 6.17.4 marks the first time in EMM history where four sets of changes were pushed to the master file in a 30 day period.

These rapid changes are brought about by increased use of data by end user marketers, who are finding the latest changes to our segmentation are producing strong direct dial rates and consistent response rates for SDR teams.

Because we’ve increased dialing by our offshore partners, clients now have access to over 150,000 direct dial numbers verified by a human in the last 90 days and can access 2.5 million more with a 50% probability of direct dial connection. This direct dial quantity has grown 500% since January 2017, and we’re on track to publish half a million direct dials before the end of the year.

For sixteen quarters, EMM has been delivering reliable B2B email update files to enterprise data companies who add value to the records and distribute to their clientele. Now marketing teams can get the same data in list sized quantities.

Try our data now by purchasing 10,000 test records for your next campaign. We deliver the data fast and offer no-hassle replacement/refund for a risk free transaction.

Contact us to see for yourself why 93% of our clients in 2016 are clients in 2017.


6.17.4 Highlights:

– email verified 30,916,306 net new emails, adding 14,584,623 records to AAA-CC, bringing the total number of records from 40,741,746 to 55,326,369.

– made 23,130 outbound phone calls to confirm additional algorithmic segmentation, pushed failure and success results to DB. All data segments re phone-scored.

– live dials to targeted sub-population allowed for our highest sample based direct dial outcomes yet (52% and 65% v previous high 42%), resulting in massive improvement to connect rate in AAA and BBB categories

– manually reviewed 2,848 domains with high degree of company name variance, resulting in improved SOHO domain resolution and removal of company names that resemble job titles

– real world email delivery tested contacts from domains that are parked or do not resolve. Low delivery resulted in the removal of 450k low quality contacts from ambiguous email validation.

– 815,315 records added into AAA and BBB of which 40,860 are from new sources 25 and 24.

– Human verified direct dials added to AAA and BBB, phone scored 100. Human verified failures removed.

–  Isolated records on cusp of AAA and BBB by phone occurrences and sampled and dialed. Applied actual phone score, resulting in removal of high occurrences phones from AAA and BBB and inclusion of low occurrence phones, when applicable.


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