B2B Email Marketing Laws by Country: A Guide to Worldwide Laws on B2B Email

Here at EMM we have been deep in research mode to ensure that all our customers are as well informed about worldwide email data legislation as we are. It has been a tough slog through numerous sources but we are confident now that from Afghanistan to Vietnam, and everywhere in between, our knowledge of data legislation is second to none.

With the improvements to our B2B International email file, we are now receiving count requests like crazy. While we are more than happy to run any count requests for our customers or soon to be customers, we receive the following question almost daily:

“Is it legal for us to email B2B data in X country?”

So in an effort to make everyone’s lives easier, and to allow our customers to have a referenceable file for future questions, we have created this guide.

Just to clarify here, although we try to be superstars for our customers, we at EMM are not attorneys and we’re definitely not attorneys certified to practice law in 150 countries (not yet anyway!). What we’ve done, through our research, is gather information from various sources around the internet, cited it and made a practical guide by country as it relates to the email prospecting data EMM provides.

You will find in this research that South America / Latin America is not yet in our reviewed countries as legislation there is in its infancy. Western Europe and Asia Pacific however are very disparate and this often creates confusion for marketers. We have tried to ease as much of this confusion as possible by conducting this research.

In summary, a handful of countries are expressly “opt in” for B2B email data and should be avoided for B2B prospecting. Really, avoid these countries! Others do not require opt-in if it pertains to the person’s job role and others still resemble the US in terms of requirements. The European Union has passed a directive recommending opt-in which is not law in member countries.

To find out the exact information on the countries we have researched and to download our guide for future reference click here or contact one of our international data experts here for further advice about where your international marketing will find its safest home.

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