6 Tips on How to Get More Contacts for 1 to 1 Email Marketing Without Killing Response Rates

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If you’re having success with 1 to 1 email marketing using b2b lists as fuel, then this means that you have successfully tackled finding a message and an audience that works. Well done! The next challenge you will likely run across is having used up the “easy” prospects. You know, the data from your best source or the attendees from that one trade show that always seem to save your lead-gen bacon. What happens to your lead flow when these contacts dry up? Do your leads dry up too? If so, never fear, EMM is here with some pointers to keep the leads flowing.

  1. Start with a company centric approach to list building. Once you have a business fit between your firms, then add contacts into those firms.
  2. Pick contacts above or horizontal to your ideal contact on the company’s org chart. Basing the search on ideal job role directly has its advantages but if that contact doesn’t reply or says no, you’re out of options.
  3. Use messages that assume you are not reaching the right person for that decision, this is because you probably aren’t. As you’re introduced to that person in the ideal job role (which takes far less effort than actually managing a reply to you) you’re introduced either by a boss or peer which lends credibility to your message.
  4. If you did step one right, this person will actually have a reason to respond after the initial referral because there will be a business fit between your firms.
  5. Get more organizations like the ones in your hot list by determining their industries and looking up similar firms in LinkedIn, Crunchbase, industry directories, Google searches and more. Spend time building the company list based on business fit.
  6. Fill in these new companies with the contact strategy from step two.

Now as if that wasn’t enough pearls of wisdom from the team here at EMM, we have one more pro tip for you:

There is no way to skip curating the business fit between the companies in your target list and your firm. No, not even with job title. See step two.

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