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3 Tips for Application Specific Email Verification and Hygiene Services

EMM knows that one size fits all certainly does not apply when it comes to email verification and hygiene services. Every application is different and can be further diversified by company size, geography, and the applicants in house polices. Because of this, Every Market Media has come up with a few standard application “specific” recommendations which are outlined below. Feel free to also contact us with your particular application for one on one advice from a data expert.

EMM houses 3 databases, B2B, B2C and International B2B, which comprises of almost 1 billion emails. We ensure that the data we provide to our clients is verified and hygiened to the highest standard and from this experience we have come up with a few standard application specific recommendations:

1. Email Marketing on a one to one basis

Description: This marketing application is usually used by sales support or marketing team members who are involved in lead generation. The list is usually carefully targeted and based on what the company is selling and who they would like to buy it. Companies who market in this way don’t usually generate large enough volumes of mail traffic at the same time to obtain a negative reputation with ESP/ISP’s.

Email Verification and Hygiene Recommendation: For this type of application, we would suggest that the mailing party use deliverable email addresses, Double verified soft bounces, records that indicate a threat level of green and even yellow if they aren’t going to be mailing from a primary web domain. We also urge you to use threat processed records to remove traps and moles so you don’t have any one time harmful deliveries.

Reasoning: The amount of hard bounces you’ll receive, which should be under 20%, will probably come from the unknown nature of your soft bounces. This shouldn’t be a problem since your volumes are low and ignoring soft bounce records will shrink the amount of records you can use.

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2. Email Marketing via an Email Service Provider

Description: This involves using HTML creative and broadcasting it to a volume of more than 250 contacts a day. It is used for top of funnel marketing automation, B2C offers, one click conversions and the like. Examples of email service providers which can assist with this type of marketing are MailChimpSendinBlue and List Marketer, but remember that when you’re using an ESP you’re renting their equipment or using their interface on your own equipment. Like anything you rent, refer to its owner for proper usage guidelines.

Email Verification and Hygiene Recommendation: Ensure you understand the ESP’s rules about third party data and that you ask your data provider how the data you received holds up against those requirements. Ensure that you only use deliverable, threat level green and or by ESP instruction email addresses.

Reasoning: When sending to large amounts of people it is much more likely to end up falling victim to traps, moles, higher opt out volumes and possible legal repercussions if that data is not verified and properly hygiened. Due to the fact that many ESP environments use shared equipment, one mailer has the ability to negatively impact the entire system. For this reason, many ESP’s intend their services only for use with 1st party opt in data. Some have additional terms and conditions regarding engagement rates, complaint rates and delivery thresholds.

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3. Display Applications or Delivery Intelligence

Description: This is directed at applicants that bring offline data online, match offline attributes onto online settings using email or hashed email as a linking point, and use the data base comparison table to reveal more intelligence about currently owned emails. When applicants do this they can use larger deliverability segments than email marketing applicants since no risk to sending reputation exists.

Email Verification and Hygiene Recommendation: Request a count. Every Market Media provides free counts from any of our three databases, simply fill out our count request form here.

Reasoning: When email sending reputations and CAN SPAM are not a factor, larger universes are available to increase match rates and provide insight.

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